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You Are The General


You are a general whose mission is to travel back into time and study past battle plans.  You will be planning a battle to use biological warfare to defeat a Native American Tribe who has continually beaten the U. S. Army at each meeting.  What would be an effective plan that you might implement that would work.

You Are The General


Your sixth grade class will be the U. S. Army in your mock battle plans. You will be doing battle against the 7th grade, who are the Native Americans. Make sure you have at least three (3) effective battle plans.  The U. S. Army has been using direct attack plans which have not been working. Your task is to devise three (3) good  battle plans to fight the battle.  You may choose a partner to help you make your plans.



  1. You will need to make three battle plans that are written with specific instructions that can be followed by another team of students without any verbal directions.
  2. Draw maps to illustrate your plans using flora and fauna of the area your battle is to take place..
  3. Calculate the number of soldiers you will need  in each area to accomplish your battle plans.
  4. Write a battle cry or song to inspire your troops and keep their morale up that is appropriate for school.
  5. Use Internet sites available to get your information and get ideas for your plans.
  6. Write a comparison and contrast  paper  telling why your plans will be more effective than the ones the army previously used.
  7. Create a table showing the predicted losses of men and materials using your plans.  You must have some losses.
  8. You must come up with a specific biological warfare weapon that will defeat the enemy.


Below Basic
1. Battle Plans
 insufficient battle plans 1 or 2  not developed. one or two plans developed or three plans not completely finished. 3 plans  totally developed 3 plans totally developed with more than required.


2. Maps
incomplete map maps with some details missing detailed maps with one or two minor errors several maps with more details than necessary.
3. Math Calculations
numbers on tables do not match battle plans or no numbers numbers are close with a slight error numbers are right but no explanations numbers are accurate and complete explanation of all plans are explained
4. Battle Cry
no battle cry battle is not appropriate battle cry is appropriate but not inspiring battle cry is inspiring and very well planned
5. Research
sites not used research inaccurate or  only partially used research mostly  accurate research totally accurate and more detail than required
6. Paper
no attempt or not a comparison and contrast attempt to write paper but comparison only paper giving very little comparison and contrast paper covering several comparisons and contrasts
7. Table
table is not there table is there but numbers do not match battle plans table matches but has a few small errors table covers more than required
8. Weapon
no weapon weapon is developed but will not work weapon is developed needs some minor adjustments weapon is developed and works really well.



clip art obtained through Microsoft Clips on line

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