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Volcano or Lake?

Volcano or Lake?
Photo © Tarah Wylie

Traveling Back In Time to Explore The Creation of Crater Lake

Time Machine
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Your school has invented a time machine.  To see if it works you have been chosen to be sent back time.  You can take one friend with you.  To determine if the machine works the teachers put together a little scavenger hunt from the one place all teachers were curious about.  So have fun and take good notes.

Volcano or Lake?Volcano or Lake?


The whole school is waiting on results from this trip to determine whether or not their time machine works.  You and your friend have been chosen to travel back 7,675 years.  You will be exploring the area of Mount Mazama 25 years after the eruption.  For your English and history  teachers you are to find out "Who knows the story of how this happened?"  Then you will tell the story.  For your math and science teachers you are to determine "How much ash covered the area and what happened to the volcano?"  Have a safe trip and pull out your magnifying glass to locate the details needed.


Using the resources provided below you and your partner are to:

  1. Complete a the scavenger hunt page of questions

  2. Compose a paper from the answers of your questions.

  3. Show your conversion work to satisfy your math and science teachers.


Congratulations. Your time travel was a success.  You helped to make the whole school happy by bringing back evidence from Mount Mazama and what is now called Crater Lake.  Did this trip in time make you more  aware of how this lake was formed?  Did you and your friend agree on everything you saw or found?  Having completed the scavenger hunt in this Webquest you were able to become more knowledgeable of Mount Mazama and Crater Lake.  You should be very proud of yourself.  Always remember behind every landform there is a story on how it became what it is today.

Volcano or Lake?

By: Tarah Wylie
6th & 7th Grade Science

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