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The Rafinesque Bat


Written by Kathy Bowles
Library Media Specialist

The Rafinesque Big-eared Bat, an Insectivore, shares with all species of bats a history of association with harmful myths that have proven to be untrue. It is also among several species of bats that are either on the endangered species list or are becoming candidates for it. The Rafinesque bat has often used dilapidated houses and barns as shelter. Many of these structures are deteriorating and falling down. In some cases they are being taken apart for "weathered" lumber retrieval. As bats leave an area, one of the results is that the ecosystem can destabilize. This can result in increased reliance of chemical alternatives which can be harmful to the environment and to human health. The perception of this bat and efforts to assist and protect it can be critical to its survival.

"Rafi" the Rafinesque Big-eared Bat
"Rafi" the Rafinesque Big-eared Bat

"Rafi" the Rafinesque Big-eared Bat
"Rafi" the Rafinesque Big-eared Bat 

Photos by David Saugey

Rafinesque Bats habitat
Photo by James Waters
"Rafi's" hang-out: the barn


Black, beautiful, brown, bashful, bugs, barns, bunny ears

Animals, attic, afraid

Teeth, tiny, tall, timid, thumbs, tongues

Silky, shy, small, scared, sounds, sonar, soft

Written by Whiteside students, March, 1999

Project Author: Kathy Bowles

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