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Poison Spring


You’re in the Army Now!
An Interactive WebQuest



Take a trip back in time to a small town in southern Arkansas. Experience a piece of history that was insignificant to the final result of the American Civil War but played an important part to the citizens of Camden, Arkansas in 1864. Be a time traveler and experience history as if you were actually there. Encounter the Battle of Poison Spring.

Poison Springs

Poison Springs

Officers involved in the Battle of Poison Springs 

Frederick Steele 

Samuel Bell Maxey

John S. Marmaduke

Frederick Steele
Major General 

Samuel Bell Maxey
Brigadier General

John S. Marmaduke
Brigadier General


During this WebQuest, you will be experiencing history as it effected the citizens of a small southern Arkansas town. You will need to investigate various web sites that provide historical information. From this information, you will determine requested outcomes. As a project to be presented to the class, you will choose to complete one of the following tasks:

 1) Create a map detailing the campaign of Major General Frederick Steele.

Steele's Route

 2) Generate a graph comparing the battle casualties of the Confederate and Union troops.

Poison Springs Casualties


  1. Determine the number of Union troops garrisoned at Camden, Arkansas. 
  2. Determine the amount of corn the Union troops confiscated from the Confederacy. 
  3. Determine the number of miles from Camden to Poison Springs on the White Oak Creek. 
  4. Using the distance you determined Camden to be from Poison Spring, calculate [using the formula d=rt (distance = rate x time)] the amount of time it took the Union troops to travel from Camden to Poison Springs. (Go to section: You Don't Need Speed.  This will provide you with an average speed for endurance walking.)
  5. Compare a current Arkansas map and the map showing the Civil War Battles in Arkansas. Calculate the distance from Camden to Little Rock where the Union troops were originally garrisoned. 
  6. Determine the number of Confederate casualties. Using that number, calculate (using the percentage formula--p/100xn=r) the percentage of troop casualties for the Confederacy. Using percentages, compare Confederate casualties to the Union troop casualties. Determine which army sustained the most casualties.


Project Rubric

Designed to assist in the evaluation of the final project.

Below Basic

Research is incomplete

Research is mostly complete

Research is complete

Research is complete with student doing more research than provided by WebQuest


Many incorrect calculations

Most calculations done--more than 2 errors

All calculations done--only 1 or 2 errors

All calculations done correctly


Inadequate appearance

Adequate appearance

Good appearance

Excellent appearance


Inadequate materials;
poor presentation

Adequate materials; adequate

Organized materials; good presentation

Well-organized materials; excellent presentation


The purpose of this WebQuest is to expand your knowledge of the events surrounding the Battle of Poison Spring. The goal of this WebQuest is to help you improve your knowledge of Civil War events occurring in southern Arkansas. An individual project, completed after the WebQuest research activities, will allow you to process your newly acquired knowledge in a meaningful manner.

Poison Springs Monument
 Historic monument on Hwy. 24 indicating location of 
Poison Spring Battlefield

Sources  Source 
of clipart at beginning of webquest.

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