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Outwest: Wyoming and Colorado

 Granite Creek Camping Granite Creek Camping

The Out West 2003 participants would like to express their appreciation to the following people: Mrs. Pat Ward, Director of SCSC, Marsha Daniels, Assistant Director of SCSC, Tim Daniels, SAU Professor, David Henderson, Technology Coordinator, and the consortium's superintendents for the support they have given for these educational field studies.  The educational field studies have provided teachers with ideas, materials, and first-hand knowledge about the ecology, and history of our nation, and has given them the opportunity to share resources with area teachers, students and administrators. With the joint cooperation of SCSC and area schools, teachers set goals and provide activities that will help students reach our present educational standards.

We would also like to thank the faculty and staff of Out West 2003. Ron Goddard, Phil Kehler, Randall Adams, and Tim Daniels provided instruction in the areas of biology, ecology, geology, geography and history.  Jan Rader and Debbie Cearley organized and prepared the meals for the group.

The participants of the Out West 2003 traveled to the Bighorn Mountains of Wyoming. The study included unique landforms and diverse ecosystems. The area was filled with scenes that are historically significant, which challenged participants to study them from the position of history as well as science.

The participants focused around an on-site examination of the central Rocky Mountains including the Bighorn National Forest, Pryor Wild Horse Reserve, Red Gulch Dinosaur Tracksite, Shoshone National Forest, Grand Teton National Park, Teton National Forest, Flaming Gorge National Recreation Area, Ashley National Forest, Dinosaur National Monument, and Monarch Pass.  The participants were required to research a related topic, present the topic during the trip and create a multimedia, interdisciplinary project for the SCSC website.

 Bighorn Mountains Moose Shell Falls



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