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Natchez Trace

Natchez Trace Overpass

Whatever you seek, a trip along the Natchez Trace is sure to offer a variety of opportunities to experience the beauty and charm of the area.  From the grand mansions of the past to the excitement of history unfolding before ones eyes, from the wildlife to the untamed Spanish moss, there is something for everyone.  The Trace offers a wealth of contrasts and discoveries for the intrepid explorer.

A group of explorers from the South Central Service Cooperative discovered in early December, 2004, the footprints of those who traveled before and sensed the excitement that would be experienced by those who would follow in the years to come.

Two days of camping near Port Gibson provided our group with a chance to explore the surrounding area.  At night, as the group slept in their tents, the sounds of owls and coyotes reminded each person of how close to nature that he was.

A day trip to St. Francisville opened the door to the past as participants had the opportunity to see some of the truly beautiful and unusual architecture of the area.  A short stop at Emerald Mound, Church Hill, and Springfield Plantation brought to close an interesting day of travel.

The Natchez Trace was the lifeline of commerce in the early days of the territory.  Traveling the Trace today is a  journey that reaches back in geologic time.  One can see hundreds of thousands of years of activity during the last ice age as loess, the windblown soil carried from afar to the west, is deposited along the eastern banks of the Mississippi River. The explorer can see the beauty of nature springing from its richness.

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