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Millionaire Shopper

The Millionaire Shopper
Grade 3, 4, or 5



Have you ever thought that shopping could make you a millionaire? Of course not, but it can. Comparison shopping that is done correctly will not only save you pennies, but could save you millions. After exploring different prices of an everyday product you will discover a path to your very own millions.

The Task


Your job is to collect data from web stores to find the best toothpaste to buy. Then you will create a chart of facts of your researched product prices. To complete your discovery you will create a computerized graph of prices to show why you chose the toothpaste to buy. Before you begin you must have read

The Toothpaste Millionaire by: Jean Merrill

The Process

Read The Toothpaste Millionaire By: Jean Merrill

Find toothpaste prices on the web site listed as site one under resources.

Create a chart of facts, like the one below.  Use your own paper.

Brand Name

Size of Tube

Cost of Tube

Special Feature












After completing the chart with the top three brand name choices that you found on your search, you need to compare their prices by creating a bar graph. Go to site 2 to create your computerized chart.

You will then print your graph and turn it in to your teacher.

After completing your chart you will respond to the following writing prompt.

Writing Prompt

People comparison shop everyday. IF its clipping coupons or researching sale papers all consumers are aware of how to save money. Do you think saving pennies could lead you to become a millionaire?

Write an essay stating your opinion of whether or not comparison shopping could lead you to become a millionaire.

Hint: Think about Rufus in The Toothpaste Millionaire

Resources Needed

***To complete this task, you will need the following items***

  • Pencil

  • Paper

  • Chart of facts sheet

  • Internet

Sites to research

You will also need to visit the following web sites to gather your information for a successful web quest.

For your price research:

For your computerized chart:

Teacher Scoring Rubric


All Materials are done correctly according to teacher’s instruction.

Extra details are present in graph and writing response.

Work in neat and no errors are present


All materials are done correctly according to teacher’s instruction.

Work in neat.

Few errors are present


Materials are unorganized and lack details according to teacher’s instruction

Many errors are present.


It is clear that student did not follow teacher’s instruction.

Work is very unorganized and messy

The Conclusion

During this webquest you should have discovered which toothpaste is the best one to buy. Now you can search for many products of everyday use and find the best prices. The first step to your self made millions!!

(Note: All clipart in this webquest was obtained from
Webquest Created By: Karen Skiles

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