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Math Clearinghouse

Mathematics Clearinghouse Grand Prize

Math Clearinghouse


Through the use of the web, the student will plan a vacation from his/her hometown to Six Flags over Georgia.  The student will plan an itinerary for the trip and calculate the cost of gas, food, lodging, and miscellaneous items.

This project is suitable for middle school projects.  It will take between three and five class periods to complete.


Dear Math Student,

Congratulations!!!  Of millions of math students in the United States, you have been chosen as this year’s grand prizewinner, an all expense paid trip from your hometown to SIX FLAGS OVER GEORGIA for you, two friends, and a driver.

You and your friends will leave on a day of your choosing at noon for your fun filled vacation.  In addition to touring the famous theme park in

You will have five days allotted for this trip.  For example, if you leave at noon Monday, you will be back at your point of departure by noon Saturday.  Please plan carefully so that you will be able to see all the sights that you wish.

In order that we, or your family, are able to reach you at any given time, you must submit an itinerary that indicates where you will be at any time – on what highway, at which hotel, at which attraction, etc.

You will receive a check to cover all expenses as well as your Six Flag passes as soon as we receive your itinerary and expense form.  Please complete the forms according to the instructions we’ve included and return them as soon as possible.

Best wishes,

Mathematics Clearing House

by Sherry Tutt
Bearden Middle School

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