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Jackson Hole

Jackson Hole, Wyoming

Town of Jackson


Today Jackson Hole is known as a rich man's playground.  It is a very popular ski area in the winter months.  The area boasts many great ski runs and lodges aimed at the wealthy.

Jackson is also known as the home of Harrison Ford.  Many visitors expect to see a famous movie star walking down the street.  During the summer months, Jackson is overrun with tourists.  The downtown area has an abundance of specialty shops aimed at the outdoorsmen, offering tents, canoes, and outdoor wear.

Some people come to Jackson because of its great location. It is the nearest town to two of the nation's best National Parks.  Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks are both within a short drive of Jackson. These are two of our greatest parks. One is the nation's first park and the other, if you watch the Travel Channel, is the #1 park for viewing wildlife.



Jackson was first visited by someone other than the Native Americans after Thomas Jefferson sent the Meriwether Lewis and William Clark and Corps of Discovery to explore the Louisiana Purchase in 1803. John Colter, one of the many explorers on the expedition, came through Jackson in the winter of 1807-1808. Colter began trading beaver pelts, which were used as hats during this time period. Other traders began to follow his example. The valley was used by many of the famous mountain men of this era.  The area was given its name by David Jackson when he supposedly spent the winter of 1829 on the banks of Jackson Lake.  The term "Hole" refers to a valley surrounded by mountains.

Jackson Hole

By 1845, fur trade had dwindled and Jackson Hole returned to the summer habitation of the Indian tribes. The Hayden Surveys of 1871, 1872, and 1878 became important landmarks. Leigh Lake and Jenny Lake were named during the 1872 expedition.  As part of the expedition of 1871 and 1872, William Henry Jackson took photographs of the Teton Mountains and Yellowstone.  His photographs were used to convince Congress to create Yellowstone National Park.

The first settler west of the Snake River was Bill Menor who created a ferry that remained for many years. In the 1890s cattle ranching became the main focus of the area.  With the creation of Grand Teton National Park in 1929, which later included Jackson Hole National Monument, Jackson's place as a beautiful place to visit became permanent.

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