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Grand Teton National Park

©2003 R. Lachowsky

When one thinks of Wyoming's national parks,  the Grand Teton National Park usually comes to mind.  No wonder, with it's mountain peaks rising so abruptly from the valley floor that  people below  have to stop and stare in silent disbelief.  Many outdoor enthusiasts come to the area for hiking, camping, fishing, wildlife and bird watching, and snow skiing.  Tourists also enjoy fine dining and shopping in the valley at Jackson Hole.

Grand Teton National Park
©2003 C. Henderson

Establishment as a Park

Grand Teton National Park evolved through a complicated process requiring three separate acts of government and compromises.  Grand Teton National Park was first established in 1929 and included only the Teton Range and six glacial lakes at the base of the mountain.  In 1943, President Franklin Roosevelt  declared Teton National Forest acreage, Jackson Lake and a donation from John D. Rockefeller of 35,000 acres as the Jackson Hole National  Monument.  On September 14, 1950,  the original Park and the Jackson Hole National Monument, including the donation from Rockefeller, combined to form Grand Teton National Park's present day boundaries.

©2003 E. Jeffers

Common Wildlife

Black Bear, Marten, Snowshoe Hare, Pika, Golden-Mantle Ground Squirrel, Badger, Elk, Mule Deer, Pronghorn Bison, Yellow-bellied Marmot, River Otter

Mountain Bluebells
©2003 R. Lachowsky

The highest peak, Grand Teton, stands at 13,770 feet in elevation.  Twelve peaks are over 12,000 feet.

Jackson Hole (the mountain valley) is 55 miles long and 13 miles wide.  Average elevation of the valley is at 6,800 feet.

The climate is semi-arid  mountain climate with extreme high temperatures of 93° F and extreme low temperatures of - 46°F.

The Park receives 191 inches of snow on average and 10 inches of rainfall.

The seven morainal lakes that lie at the base of the Teton Range are Bradley, Jackson, Jenny, Leigh, Phelps, String, and Taggert.



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