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Fun Filled Day

The Task

Fun Task1 


Today, you are on your way to Magic Springs Amusement Park. Before you can get on your way, your trip has to be planned. Find the location (city and state) of Magic Springs/Crystal Falls. How many miles will you have to drive to and from Magic Springs? How much will you spend on gasoline? How much will it cost to park your car and for a general admission ticket? Don’t forget food and drinks. You will have to determine how much is needed for food/drinks off of the menu. So let’s get started and find out how much this trip is going to cost. 

Fun Task 2 Fun Task 3 Fun Task 4


These are the sites in which I used to complete this webquest. This site offers a great deal of information about the theme park. Including information on prices, rides, and location. This site has a great location and map search.

The clipart was found on the following site This is a wonderful site for finding all different types of clipart.

Microsoft’97 clipart

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