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Flowering Plants

Flowering Plants

Imagine that you are walking through a meadow in the spring.  All around you see a kaleidoscope of colors and smell the faint fragrance of honeysuckle. The buzzing of busy bees catches your attention as they go from flower to flower.    

Flowering plants make up more than half of the population of plants living today. They include garden plants,  wild flowers, fruits, grains, herbs, shrubs, trees, vines, vegetables and floating plants. Flowering plants provide nectar for insects and birds,    and food for various types of living things.

Flowering plants provide a beautiful sight for the eye, and lovely scent for the nose!

This website is designed to provide information necessary to instruct students in the area of plant physiology and the interdependence between animals and plants.  Correlations to the Arkansas Curriculum Frameworks for science are provided, as well as related vocabulary,  a hands-on activity, and lesson extensions.

It is hoped that teachers viewing this site will find this unit helpful in their classroom.

Project Author: Retha Mosley

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