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Ecosystems of the Arkansas River Valley

Arkansas River at Holla Bend National Wildlife Refuge
Photo by R. Lachowsky

Since the beginning of time, man and the environment have had a close relationship. In the beginning, this relationship was respectful and productive.

With the coming of the industrial revolution, respect for the environment was replaced with an emphasis on acquisition of raw materials and disposal of wastes with little concern for the potential impact on the environment.

By the middle of the twentieth century, man had been responsible for serious environmental disasters, extinction of some animal and plant species, and various kinds of pollution, many of which are considered irreversible.

At the end of the century, however, with education, strict governmental regulations, and funding from both public and private sources, some of the world's environmental problems have been addressed and corrected.

The goal of this ecosystem site is to provide information and activities for teachers to use with their students in order to prepare citizens who are better informed about the interrelationship between man and his environment, and to develop ways to preserve and protect the environment into the next century. 

Website created by
Richard Lachowsky, Media Specialist
Bearden Middle School
Bearden, Arkansas

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