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Arkansas Natural Resources


Dogwood blossoms blooming in the spring
in the Gulf Coastal Plain Region of Arkansas

Mirro Dam
Mirro Dam at Blanchard Springs

the lyrical music of the dulcimer,
the foot stomping accompanying the fiddle,
the babbling melodies of the mountain stream,
the resonant lullabies of a bayou bullfrog,
ah, the varied songs of Arkansas.
the haziness of an early mountain morning,
a fog shrouded cypress grove filled with duckweed,
the long flat horizon of fresh-plowed rice fields
a sunrise on a lake filled with mountain tops,
ah, the varied landscape of Arkansas.
from rocky mountains to fertile fields,
from huge summer watermelons to crisp fall apples,
ah, the bounty of our Arkansas, our home.

Arkansas is such a diverse place to live and study.  If you have been challenged to teach this diversity to your students, you might find this web page a little help.  This lesson will incorporate 8th grade science standards but also included are cultural lessons that will cover the  lessons required for middle school social studies.

This lesson has been designed to serve as a work in progress.  It is simply an overview that could be used as a single lesson.  This lesson incorporates 8th grade science standards and the cultural lessons required for middle school social studies.

It is hoped that you as teachers using this lesson will add your own ideas and expand on what is given.  Please email me at the following email address with ideas that you think would enrich and expand this lesson and I will update this lesson as often as possible.  Use and enjoy!

Petit Jean
Stream on Petit Jean Mountain Trail

All pictures included in this lesson were taken personally on trips around the state.  As I continue my journeys around Arkansas I will try to add pictures which you are welcome to use.  The pictures were taken with a Sony Mavica Digital camera which was a provision of the Goals 2000 class that gave birth to this web site.

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