2005 Projects Default Pictures


In 2005, the South Central Service Co-op continued to sponsor trips for teachers with two trip projects centering on Arkansas and a continuation of the Out West trips.


Two projects in Arkansas included an extensive project on the physiographic regions of the State including geological information, and the other, a trip to Blanchard Springs that included side visits to Greer’s Ferry Dam, Mammoth Springs and an Arkansas Train Museum.  It was felt by those participating that there needed to be more photographic resources for Arkansas studies. The results of these two projects are many photos of the state that can be used by anyone studying Arkansas geography and history.  Brief information on the regions visited always accompanies the photos on the web.  Arkansas teachers are encouraged to use this material to enhance the teaching of Arkansas with actual photographs of the state’s beauty and diversity.  The teachers that participated not only took the pictures, and participated in the web production but also brought back plants, rocks, brochures and experiences that they could share with their own students.


The 11th Out West Trip taken by teachers from Co-op area schools was a trip to the Great Plains, Rocky Mountains and two National Parks, Yellowstone and Glacier.  Some of the area covered on the trip was also covered by Lewis and Clark on their great venture, the exploration of land gained by the U.S. through the Louisiana Purchase.   The Photo Albums included in the web project culminating this trip, provide student and teacher resources for the use in all public schools.  Every year after every trip, the participants marvel at the beauty and diversity of our land and hope that the experiences they gain will help them to encourage their students to not only study their heritage and visit the great parks of this nation, but also help to preserve this treasure for generations to come.