Waterways of Arkansas


The MacBook Project is a two-year program developed to assist teachers to effectively utilize specific technology in their classrooms.  The theme of the project is the "Waterways of Arkansas."  During the first year, the teachers received a MacBook computer, a backpack, and software, as well as instruction on developing wikis.  The second year will focus on training participants to use iPods and an LCD projector in their classrooms.  Teachers will also learn how to develop and use podcasting with their students.

Participating teachers selected a waterways topic that influences Arkansas.  They researched their waterways topics and posted the information on the co-op's wiki.  Following field trips to selected areas of the state and beyond, teachers added photographs and additional information to the wiki.   Instruction was provided on creating classroom wikis.  Teachers developed their classroom wikis as a form of communication with students and parents.  Classroom wikis will be continually edited and updated to reflect the dynamic nature of the classroom.

During the first year, teachers traveled to the Arkansas River, the Red River, the Ouachita River, the Mississippi River, Bayou Bartholomew, Bayou Meto, Lake Chicot, and Lake DeGray, as well as other waterways.  Participants will continue to focus on waterways effecting Arkansas.


Waterways Project Participants