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South Central Service Co-op, since 1999, has sponsored workshops whose focus centered on the inclusion of technology in the instructional process.  These workshops have resulted in numerous resources for teachers and students. 


When going through these resources, it is amazing to see how the members of the teams of teachers developed their own expertise in the process of producing work for others.  While technology was a focus, also included in most all workshops were aspects of environmental science, geology, biology, social sciences, math and literature.  The experiences gathered through the research of topics, the actual adventures involved, and the sharing of expertise in the workshops themselves brought a depth of understanding to all participants that they could not have gained easily elsewhere.


The tangible results of these efforts were the web resources you will find here.  The less tangible resources are the experiences brought back to every classroom from the instructors that participated and from the many who have used these resources through the World Wide Web.  


It is hoped by all involved in this undertaking that the results will be a valuable resource for all those who need the information provided and that the information available here will continue to become more comprehensive and accessible to any teacher or student searching within this content.


Please feel free to use all of this material in your classrooms.